Achievement unlocked: real Polish pirogues. Way delicious and only 5zl = less than 2USD for 5 ugh heven

Oh, don’t mind me Poland. #dayrage #woops

I will be home in exactly two weeks.

Oh look at my new summer residence. I am not Alyssa the Great!

Don’t mind me. Just chill in in a Russian palace #sassu14

Russian Blini

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Don’t mind me. Norway is just gorgeous.

Norwegian waterfall

Norway <3 (at Bergen City of Norway)

at Guinness Store House/Brewery Dublin

at Guinness Store House/Brewery Dublin


Don’t mind us. Lunch at a gay bar in Dublin. @serendipitousness

Totally wish we were here during the Commonwealth games! #sassu14 #glasgow

Oh look who I found! #doctorwho #glasgow #sassu14